The Center for Entrepreneurship and Public Policy’s Executive Education provides  cutting edge, innovative and intensive programs  for senior level executives, decision makers, government officials and policy makers interested in fostering economic growth through entrepreneurship development. Based on the Global Entrepreneurship Development Index (GEDI), our programs not only identify the bottlenecks encountered by high growth entrepreneurs in different stages of economic development but teach the policy making tools to remove the existing obstacles for entrepreneurship development and in turn for economic growth to prosper.

We currently offer three different program options: The ‘CEPP Gold‘ five day program; the ‘CEPP Silver‘  two day program and the ‘CEPP Bullet‘ one day intensive.

The CEPP Gold program is the most comprehensive and covers  the main GEDI modules including the fundamentals of the index, pillars, variables and methodology, extensive case studies and in-depth country studies as well as policy development and best practices. In addition, this five day program   provides a forum for discussion with fellow participants and expert lecturers and facilitators.  Participants of the GEDI Gold program are provided with a tailor made invaluable packet of course materials to use during the sessions and for future reference . The most suited candidates for this program are individuals interested in developing a solid understanding of the GEDI index, its ranking system and policy development at the country or regional level.  Participants receive an official certificate for completion of the course.

The CEPP Silver Program is a two-day condensed program which includes an overview of GEDI, its pillars, variables and methodology and shortened versions of the case studies and select country overviews. This program is best suited for professionals interested in gaining a clear understanding of the GEDI index and how to apply it to existing programs and policies in their country context.

The CEPP Bullet one-day intensive includes a general overview of the underpinnings of the GEDI index, country rankings and examples, and policy applications. It provides participants with the insights on how to understand and apply the GEDI index in their work. The one day program is an excellent companion to the GEDI book teaching participants how to apply the rankings and data for their specific country or regional context.