The Center for Entrepreneurship and Public Policy continues to expand into new areas of research providing important contributions to the theoretical and practical understanding of entrepreneurship from the micro to macro levels of analysis and policy development.

One of the most notable past research projects included co-editing the Handbook of Entrepreneurship Research 2003 & 2010 Editions.

A continuing area of collaborative research is with the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Consortium (GEM) which produces the annual GEM report and includes over 70 member countries worldwide.

Three recent additions to our research agenda include:

The GEDI Index which provides a pioneering approach in the area of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development;

The Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy project which analyzes the surprising legacy of altruistic behavior by America’s greatest capitalists which has been largely overlooked in economic theory;

The Entrepreneurship and Cities which explores the link  between creativity in cities, entrepreneurship and economic growth.